Frequently Asked Questions


Missing Restaurant?  Why can’t I find a specific restaurant?

There are a few reasons a specific restaurant may not be displaying.  Please consider the following:

  • Spelling difference (the establishment may use “The” as part of the official name. Please double-check and try a few alternate spelling options or use fewer letters and select from the dropdown)
  • Double-check if you are anchored in a specific town/city. The establishment may list a slightly different town/city as their official address.  If in doubt, hit the “Home” button from the header OR hit the VRC logo for a fresh screen.  Re-enter the establishment name in the left-hand search box with no data entered in the right-hand (location) search box.
  • The establishment may have closed, relocated, or changed names. Please send us an email via “Contact Us” and let us know.
  • We may not have reached coverage for the area in question. Please send us an email via “Contact Us” and let us know.
  • The establishment may not fit our primary profile for initial inclusion or may have declined to participate. In any case, please send us an email via “Contact Us” and let us know.
  • Restaurant Owners: If you would like to be included right away please send us an email via “Restaurant – Contact  Us”.  See full details at:

What is the Virtual Concierge Network?

The Virtual Concierge Network is a unique marketing and information system that provides a 2-way link between potential customers and select business sectors.  Information is accessed through dedicated hotel lobby touchscreens or any internet-connected device for maximum flexibility.  Information is updated instantly ensuring users are exploring the latest information.  Our network includes the following services:

* Virtual Restaurant Concierge
* Virtual Winery Concierge
* Virtual Entertainment Concierge

Getting Listed – I am a restaurant owner.  How do I get added?

If you would like to be included right away, please send us an email via “Restaurant  – Contact Us”.  See full details at:

Is there a cost to use the site?

No, there is no charge for using our site!  Use it anywhere at anytime from any device.

Data error – How do I correct an error or add missing information to a listing?

Use our online revision form: Update/Correction 

Closed Restaurant – How do I notify you that a restaurant permanently closed?

Use our online revision form: Update/Correction